• Real Madrid wins on penalties after being more effective (4-1) than Atlético
  • The match was even, although the whites had the best chances
  • Courtois and Valverde, MVP of the final, keys to the final victory of Real Madrid
Real Madrid celebrates the title of the Spanish Super Cup. Image: EFE

Again Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid in a final and another final that went beyond the regulatory time, demonstrating the equality of these two teams in this type of matches and that both have great respect. The last one, the European Super Cup, went to the rojiblancos, but this one was for the meringues in an overly tactical match that opened in the extension fruit of fatigue and that ended with the final triumph for those of Zidane. The Frenchman is still rooted with a stratospheric brand: nine of nine in the finals.

The final was tremendously matched, as the 'Mono' Burgos warned before the crash, assuring that it would not be very different from the league match played in the Metropolitan and that it ended precisely with a 0-0 result. Zidane repeated the formula of the match against Valencia, something similar to a Simeone that only made a change in his lineup: Giménez for Savic.

The two teams went to King Abdullah of Jeddah, who this time touched the full, with a clear idea: prioritize the defense over the attack and not risk too much. In the first forty-five minutes, Real Madrid and Atlético had their moments of domination. The whites, when they found Kroos, the organizer and shadow of Zidane in the field. The athletic, thanks to the high pressure that prevented the departure of his opponent's ball.

The ball was clearly for Real Madrid (62-38) after the first thirty minutes, but it was an inert possession. The two teams practically didn't hurt each other and they knew each other too well. Of course, the best chances, to say something, were for Zidane's: Casemiro, Modric and Mendy with two distant shots and a header from Casemiro that went high by little. For its part, the best of Simeone's was for Joao Felix, who shot fatally after a gift from Ramos at the ball.

The second half did not change anything about the game, but five minutes into the second half the final could fall on the side of Real Madrid. Jovic was strong among the centrals and his low shot was touching the long stick of Oblak. First time of the Serbian, who again wasted his minutes as a starter before the loss of the irreplaceable Karim Benzema, suitable for the following duels of his team.

The time for the game arrived and it was time for the changes. Simeone made a statement of intent giving Vitolo entry for Herrera, while Zidane opted for Rodrygo and retiring an Isco who this time did not find the magic of the last meeting against Valencia. The minutes passed and the match remained the same: much fear of failure and much lateral center that always cleared the rival defense.

In minute 79, Atlético found the hole and had the best chance of the match through an indefatigable Morata, possibly the best of the athletic. The striker attacked the center of Trippier behind Ramos, but his placed and not very powerful shot did not surprise Courtois, who was gaining prominence over the minutes. Moments later it was Giménez who had the goal with an imperial shot that Casemiro avoided with a great cut.

Tiredness, the great ally of the spectator

Shortly after the end of the regulation time the players noticed the weight on their legs. The game was opened at times with small cracks caused by fatigue and in the last seconds he could opt for each side. First Rodrygo, who found a loose ball inside the area whose shot was centered and at the hands of an always well placed Oblak. Second Thomas, in the last one, who tried to surprise Courtois with a foul that seemed a center to the area.

The extension was exciting and the two teams implied that they didn't want the penalties. Atlético seemed to be cooler with two dizzying arrivals, especially one from Vitolo that Courtois stopped with Ramos' defensive collaboration. In the second half it was Morata who tried it with a Chilean who broke the Belgian goalkeeper correcting his previous error at the start.

Ten minutes left for penalties. Mariano, who could the unexpected hero, missed a shot inside the area that cleared Oblak and Courtois a satin of Correa with little angle. Five of the end Valverde made the great maneuver of the night avoiding Morata's hand in hand with an ugly entrance but at the same time providential.

In the penalties, Real Madrid had more control or luck, as everyone wants to see it, than Atlético and got 2-0 thanks to the success of Carvajal and Rodrygo and the failures of Saul and Thomas. Modric put the 3-0, Trippier extended the agony until Ramos, again the captain, sentenced the duel with the final 4-1. Curiously, Atlético was better than against Barcelona and Real Madrid worse than against Valencia, but football has these things.

Real Madrid takes the first title of the season. A Super Cup that was gaining importance with the passing of the matches and that has shown that it has been a success by Luis Rubiales and the Royal Spanish Football Federation. This format is worth it and the final is for whites, just winners.


REAL MADRID: Courtois; Carvajal, Ramos, Varane, Mendy; Valverde, Casemiro, Kroos (Vinícius, min. 103), Modric; Isco (Rodrygo, min. 60) and Jovic (Mariano, min. 83).

ATHLETIC OF MADRID: Oblak; Trippier, Giménez (Savic, min. 98), Felipe, Lodi (Llorente, min. 89); Herrera (Vitolo, min. 56), Thomas, Saul, Correa; João Félix (Arias, min. 101) and Morata.


1 – 0, goal, Carvajal.

1 – 0, fail, Saul. to the stick.

2 – 0, goal, Rodrygo.

2 – 0, fail, Thomas. curtuas

3 – 0, goal, Modric.

3 – 1, goal, Trippier.

4 – 1, goal, Sergio Ramos.

REFEREE: José Luis Sánchez Martínez (C. Maurciano). He admonished Mendy (min.92), Modric (min.93), Valverde (min.111) and Carvajal (min.115) by Real Madrid. And a (Felipe, min.27), Thomas (min.74), Corrrea (min.115) and Savic (min.115) in Atlético. He expelled Valverde (min. 115) for direct red.

STADIUM: King Abdullah of Jeddah, 59,053 spectators.