Cucurella it was called up for the first time with the Spanish national team for the qualifying matches against Switzerland Y German

And, although he could not debut with La Roja, the Catalan side is happy for everything that is happening to him.

“Even though I couldn't debut, it was a great game and we really enjoyed it. From the first moment with the national team I knew that I had to enjoy the experience. I had some fantastic days ”, explains the one from Maresme.

Cucurella believes that footballers are lucky given the times: “We have a privileged job in these times. We are here thanks to the fans and we have to help each other out ”. And he insists that he is happy dressed in blue: “I am very happy at Getafe, I think we have very good players to have another great year and remove the thorn that we had last season.”

‘Cucu’ faces his former team, the Eibar: “I will always have a special affection. Today it would be nothing without the opportunity they gave me ”. Despite everything, that day there will be no friends: “We have a difficult game but we will go with everything to try to get the three points.” “We have had mistakes and lacks of concentration that we have to leave behind.”