The presenter, who announced her pregnancy on December 30, is already beginning to notice the first typical changes in her condition: fatigue, nausea and a tummy that is already rounded in the abdomen. Cristina Pedroche He has shared a photograph this Thursday in which he boasts of a ‘happiness curve’ but also confesses his greatest fear for the coming months: “I am having a hard time uploading things about the great personal process that I am experiencing because it scares me” .

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She assures that this moment is very beautiful for her but also very delicate: “I am afraid of not being prepared to put up with bad words, criticism and bad comments.” And it is that Cristina has many tables with this of the haters but she is not willing to dedicate her energy to them in this beautiful stage: “Today I have been reading the nonsense that they put me on Twitter as a result of the news that I am going to present a new program , and, I’m not going to deceive you, they hurt me. It hurts me that they criticize themselves without seeing it, without giving me a chance, that it seems that nobody is happy or even that they wish me bad luck. And I repeat, it hurts me, but to that kind of criticism I am more used to (not for that reason it hurts less)”, he has written. “I don’t know if I’m ready to face criticism about my body because of the pregnancy or worse that I don’t even want to mention.”

The chef’s wife Dabiz Muñoz warns: “If it starts to affect me on a personal level, feeling it a lot, both my Instagram and the other social networks will become solely about my work.” The presenter regrets that social networks are not a healthier and safer place for everyone: “I know that there are many of you who support me and give me love, but at this moment in my life I have to protect myself, protect myself and my baby. I wish this was a safe place where I could show you my change, tell you how excited I am about how many weeks I am, how I’m doing, the sex of the baby… But it scares me.”