The Marquise de Griñón already boasts excited about her wedding with Inigo Onieva. After confirming that it will be on June 17 at the El Rincón palace, Tamara Falco He has revealed that he is already working on some important details, such as the ring. After days speculating about whether or not it would be the same one that her fiancé gave her in September, the question has been resolved: “It is an improved version. It is the same but they have put some new stones on it and they weigh more, so they are adjusting it for me because it’s a little big on me,” he said.

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The gathering of the anthill She has revealed that her boyfriend proposed to her (for the second time) during her trip to the North Pole: “I was surprised. Everything has been very fast but we are both very happy. I am marrying the man I love,” she said excitedly.

Tamara only has five months to prepare for her big day: “There’s nothing left, what a stress.” The dress, however, is not her biggest concern: “Man, there is enough time to make a dress. I am not one of those girls who have it clear since I was 13 years old, but my best friend is Juan Avellaneda and he has it a lot more thoughtful than me”, she said, without clarifying whether the Catalan designer will design and sign the dress for her or will only advise her.

Finally, he has joked about the show that he will offer his guests: “Why do I want more show, if I am already going to invite you?”, he said with a smile. “Man, the typical waltz and such, right? Don’t ask me for more”, she told Pablo Motos between laughs.