Exceptional situations require exceptional measures. The entire world is facing an unprecedented pandemic and soccer has also been hit by the damn virus. It is not yet known how to solve the competitions: declare the tournament void, end it with the current classification, leave the results of the first round … Here is my humble idea: I think that the priority and fairer is that the days be played pending until the end, whenever.

For example, in September these pending league games and European competitions could be resumed, proclaiming the champions at Christmas. From January to June 2021, an exceptional league would be played in a single round, as if it were a tournament. Closure, interspersed with a Copa del Rey single party. The European competitions would be played as before: without group stage, from round of 32 or eighth, perhaps a single match as well. The Champions only the champions of each league would play it, and the Europa League the seconds of each country. In the following season normality would resume. An idea of ​​a soccer romantic.