Vasek Pospisil expressed in an interview on TNS the difficulties that there were in the circuit to support aid to the players with the lowest ranking. ANDThe Canadian said that the majority of tennis players supported this decision, but that players like Nadal and Federer did not vote in favor. “Novak had the idea and about 80 Top-100 tennis players signed the letter and 12 of the Top-20 also signed but when Roger and Rafa's turn came they were not in favor. They wanted to go with themselves and talk to the Grand Slam and That goes against the essence of what we are trying to do. It is sad because I have had great talks with Roger, he is a great guy who supports the concept and who agrees on many other problems but who did not support our current movement. That stopped him a little but in the end the opinion of the majority counts more than that of two tennis players. “

Pospisil also highlighted the good attunement and influence that the three players have on the ATP Players Council. “I recently told someone that during one of the meetings I had Novak on my left and Roger on my right and Nadal by his side and it was amazing to be in the middle of the three. In terms of how the council works, it's interesting because you know that there are three very influential characters, very strong and with different opinions, but we work very well together. I was impressed by how Djokovic cares about the rest of the players and the low ranking players and I don't know if it is where he comes from or how he has grown, because his family went through hard times when he was a child. I have a lot of respect for him. The presence of Roger, Rafa and Novak is important because they have a lot of weight and they help our sport a lot. When they agree on the same issue, there is no discussion. When three of them decide that something should be done one way, it is very difficult for there to be any type of veto. “

The Canadian also discussed the idea of ​​uniting the ATP and WTA circuits and sent a message to Nick Kyrgios. “We have a new boss at ATP and he has told us that he has a new vision for professional tennis. EWe are doing a little research and looking at data and you know that tennis can do better from a new position with everyone around. We are very fragmented, there are several conflicts of interest and different governments and each tournament acts in its own way and they do not realize how to improve the potential of tennis, so I think they have had a great vision and if their plan is realized they can have a bigger growth in the sport and make it more successful. There have been players who have given their opinion without having information because they feel that they are saying something like Kyrgios, but I think there is nobody to give their opinion when they have already had to listen to some things and you have not been diligent, I have no problem telling you. “

Pospisil also highlighted the importance of a good relationship between players and tournaments. “Of course. Tennis needs great changes. After 20 years I opened my eyes to see how many problems there are in tennis and I asked myself why we were not able to change it with such relevance and to argue that without tennis players there is no tennis. HI have heard that we do nothing, that tournaments do what they want and it is as if it were a business agreement, tournaments need us and vice versa. You only have 100 tennis players on the ATP Tour who live well in a sport that generates billions of dollars, it's something we have to organize to change it. The first step is that we are all united and the second is that we investigate what we need to change. Tennis is a very international sport and joining is difficult, but we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. “