Telecinco’s prime time stayed in the dreaded single digit this Saturday. the contest of Christian Galvez, 25 words, gathered just 946,000 viewers, which has been a 7.8% audience. The program failed to exceed the 8% it marked last week.

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A full-fledged puncture that once again crowns its competition, Antena 3, as the winner of the night with the movie a spy and a half (11.1% and 1,326,000 viewers). The Atresmedia chain improved the data from last week by six tenths.

La 1 was positioned as the second option during the broadcast of the film Erin Brockovich with 8.9% and 1,071,000. In this way, only the public channel and the main Atresmedia channel managed to exceed the million viewers mark during the most important time slot for advertisers.

The format presented by the former Almudena Cid and Mediaset went to Saturday to replace the Deluxe It continues in the same vein as its afternoon broadcasts, when it also fails to reach 10% or a million viewers, something that, on the other hand, is beginning to be the norm on Telecinco.

For its part, the heart program that presents Jorge Javier Vazquez was relocated in prime time on Friday, although there was little he could do against The challenge of Antena 3. The first registered a 10.3% share and 977,000 viewers compared to 16.6% audience share and almost 1.9 million viewers for the format it presents Roberto Loyal.