The presenter and the famous chef are going to experience one of the most special moments of their lives this year. Cristina Pedroche y David Muñoz They are looking forward to the birth of their first child. “We do not know greater happiness than the one that this baby that is cooking over low heat to be our best stew gives us,” they said when confirming the news on December 30.

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During the Chimes, the model showed her first maternity curves, but avoided commenting on her future motherhood. “The thing is that I am still adapting to my new body and the changes that are going to come. Right now I have things here (he said while pointing to his belly) that are happening and that I do not control,” she explained a few days later in zapping.

The truth is that this new stage causes her a bit of “fear” just as she herself has confessed in networks. “It is difficult for me to upload things about the personal process that is so great that I am living because it scares me.” She assures that this moment is very beautiful but also very delicate: “I am afraid that I will not be prepared to put up with the bad words, the criticism and the bad comments.”

Of course, the couple is taking the opportunity to spend time together and this weekend they have escaped to Dubai, where Pedroche has satisfied all his cravings, as we have seen in the stories from Instagram. “Although it is not giving me much for the sweet, I wanted this,” she reads in a photo of a chocolate cake. The woman from Madrid and the cook met in December 2014, and a year later they got married, in October 2015.