For the first time in four months and ten, Simeone had at his disposal the three spikes of his trident in Cornellà. Álvaro Morata, Diego Costa and João Félix. Between injuries and the operating room since October 19, day 9, Atlético-Valencia, the three had not played. In Cornellà they did not coincide in the field. They did Morata and João Félix for seven minutes, those who passed between the entry of Portuguese in 55 '(by Carrasco) and the exit of Madrid in 62'. His change was Diego Costa, who was returning in the League (he had already returned to Liverpool, but that day João Félix was not yet). The Portuguese and the Spanish-Brazilian played together from there until the end, 28 minutes. The same gave. Morata is still not the one of 2019, Costa is very far from the Coast of 2014 that Simeone so longed for, João Félix returned to be just a couple of cañitos, sparkles. Simeone is urged to recover their level as soon as possible. What comes are curves. Seville, Anfield, San Mamés and El Sadar. Closed curves. And the blandiblu trident.

The lack of a goal is Atlético's endemic evil this season. The second line (the Koke, Saul, Thomas) have taken a step forward, contributing their goals, in Cornellà Saul was again, but the strikers do not accompany, beyond João returning from his injury with a goal against Villarreal. But the vital thing is that Costa, Morata and João mix, that their goals return. Lagarto's presence in the season is practically testimonial, but, beyond his disc-cervical hernia and his corresponding three months of discharge, he speaks of the goal. 2 in 17 games. 0.11. A misery for the Cholo striker who feels like a glove the nickname of Beast. But his blows are only caresses. In memory, the round trip against Juve last season. That party that changed with his presence alone.

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Morata's average in the League

Before the game at the RCDE Stadium yesterday began the TV revealed a devastating fact. The average Morata goals in LaLiga. 0.3. Seven in 22 games. And the last one more than two months ago, 70 days. His fight is commendable, his effort and work always. Like Cholo's plan. Balls looking for him. It is thanks to Morata that Atlético generates so many second moves, it is thanks to Morata that Correa finds the spaces through which to sneak in lately. But Morata is dry, he lives the streak badly, and the team needs his goals more than ever. Cavani did not arrive. In his place he did a Carrasco of undeniable talent but two years in China, which lacks rhythm, that spark from before. What Simeone needs is that his trident refine. Together, separately, but their goals arrive. What comes are called endings.