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Cherki says he wants to go to Real Madrid on Lyon TV

Gabby Barker



Rayan Cherki, a 16-year-old Olympique de Lyon player, He shows both self-confidence moving between the lines and openly talking about his future on his club's own television. It is not the first time that he verbalizes his interests and publicly opts for a club of the future, two months ago he was given a choice between Barcelona and Real Madrid … And he chose the white team.

“My dream is to play for Real Madrid”, Cherki has said again in a television interview with his own club, Olympique de Lyon, while playing mini-ping pong relaxed. The attacking midfielder's plan is to sign as soon as possible with the club of his dreams, to continue on loan for two more years at Olympique de Lyon until he becomes of age, and then to join Real Madrid to continue developing his career.

A feasible project, in fact in the French media already published that Real Madrid have a preferential right for Cherki. Therefore, if Olympique receives an offer for their player, the white team could match it and keep the Franco-Algerian rights. He also says in the interview that one of his career goals is to win the Golden Ball.

Ligue 1's big reveal

In full adolescence, Cherki has already played 24 professional matches at Olympique Lyon, scoring 9 goals and handing out 3 assists (he debuted last season). But apart from his good numbers, Cherki has dazzled in France for his quality, his skill, his speed with the ball, his overflow and his personality. He looks like a veteran in the body of a kid.

In recent years, especially with the presence of Zidane on the bench or staff, France has become the best white club quarry: Benzema, Varane, Mendy and Areola They form an important nucleus within the white wardrobe, plus Hazard and Courtois, French-speaking Belgians. Now sound Cherki, who openly declares himself a Real Madrid player, and Eduardo Camavinga, another promising player who plays in the midfield of Rennes.

With the coronavirus crisis in the background, the world of football totally stopped and other teams like United, PSG, Barcelona and Juventus lurking we will have to wait to know the future of these future world soccer stars, but Cherki has already made it very clear, to the world and to his own club: “I want to play for Real Madrid.”

Shield / Flag Real Madrid

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