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Chelsea, the first club to adapt training to the menstrual cycle

Gabby Barker



“It is fair to say. I am a coach in an industry where women are treated like little men.” This phrase is from Emma Hayes, Chelsea coach, who has already revolutionized her industry. Hayes has developed a pioneering system in women's football along with the collaboration of its staff and Dr. Georgie Bruinvels as explained by The Telegraph to see how the menstrual cycle affects their soccer players.

Following a defeat in the 2016 FA Cup final against Arsenal, Hayes came up with the idea. The coach realized that a good part of the blue template was in full menstruation and considered it interesting to measure its effects. The coach decided to gauge the impact of the period on her players until get to develop an individualized training program regarding this factor and its consequences.

Emma Hayes with Eva Woods, his assistant, urged the players to download FitrWoman, an application developed by Dr. Bruinvels, who also collaborated, so that athletes keep a daily record of their cycle. Thus, once the template agreed, the coach asked her players access to this data to be able to adjust the training according to the time of the period in which each player is and to know how menstruation affects each of them, and Even though There are symptoms considered generic, not all women have the same experience (different frequencies, more or less intense pain …).

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28 days, different symptoms, different exercises

In Telegraph, they have exposed a generic model in a graphic way where they explain how menstruation affects an athlete (regardless of each individual factor) and how you can adjust your training.

In menstruation, they ensure that the reaction time decreases and that the likelihood of muscle injuries increases. To prevent damage, stretching, yoga and reaction work with low physical load. In addition, it also includes nutrition tips such as eating fish, an “anti-inflammatory food”

In phase 2 (preoccupation, days 5-14), it is the moment when the players feel better but when the risk of muscle injury increases the most. The recommendation offered by the Hayes program is to avoid exercises with drastic speed changes.

In the third phase, between ovulation and pre-menstruation (days 14-25), swelling increases and mood swings also begin. The model itself recommends care in the behavior of coaches and coaches so as not to generate conflicts. In addition, they stand out, it will be a phase where soccer players have cravings for less healthy food. To control them, they recommend a diet with more complex carbohydrates (pasta, potatoes, legumes).

In phase 4, pre-menstruation, mood swings continue, reaction and coordination capacity decreases and muscle pain and recovery time increase. At this stage they recommend reaction exercises to try to keep the footballer as easy as possible.

A way to avoid injuries that players like

Controlling all these factors is helping to reduce the number of injuries since menstruation is an inflammatory process that increases the likelihood of damage to the muscles or ligaments.

So, as Telegraph says, Chelsea is the only club in the English League that has not yet had a low casualty player for crusader injuries. Coach Hayes acknowledges that it helps but does not dare to say that a direct relationship can still be established between her method and the absence of this injury.

According to Telegraph, This program has quite pleased the players of the blue set who consider it useful and offers them more security by having more information about what happens in these 28 days and how it affects their body. One less taboo in London.

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