Enrique Cerezo, president of Atlético, attended before the match against Valencia to Mónica Marchante, from Movistar and analyzed the situation of the team, in low hours, and of Simeone.

Athletic Shield/Flag

Equipment problem: “It may be that the players lack motivation, that they are thinking of something else. They have quality, they are great professionals. They are blocked and not quite right in the game. They will still give us glorious afternoons”.

Simeone. How do you see it? “I see him well, calm, with confidence in him and his players, something that is fundamental. We have lost some games because we have deserved it and others that we have not deserved it”.

Suarez, owner: “I love it. He is a great player and a great scorer. He has proven it. He can’t be very good today and if he scores three goals it’s better. Some days he scores goals and others he won’t.”

The hobby: “He is with the team today, tomorrow and always. They want results, there are times when they are achieved and others when they are not. When you win everything is wonderful; when it is lost, a sector disagrees with everything, with the line-ups, with the game…”.