Pablo Carreño has responded to recent Nick Kyrgios reviews, who even said of the Asturian that “It wouldn't be top-50 without clay.” This Thursday, during the 'Noticias #Vamos' program, Carreño took the opportunity to respond to the Australian before playing the semifinals of the US Open, in which he will be measured with Alexander Zverev.

“Kyrgios must be pretty bored. When he plays a tournament we will talk about him because he deserves it. While he will continue at home writing on Twitter, “Carreño said forcefully about the words of Kyrgios, who underestimated a player who will return to the world top-20 at the conclusion of the American Grand Slam, with a better ranking than Kyrgios himself.

He also opined on the disqualification of Novak Djokovic in their round of 16 duel, an unexpected event that Carreño has finally taken advantage of to advance firmly in New York: “Djokovic is a No. 1 who should learn to control himself a little more. The ball to the judge was bad luck. If this happens, you have to abide by the rules and ask for forgiveness as you did. Now there are neither Nadal nor Federer nor Djokovic, but those who remain are very good and it will not be easy. We have possibilities, why not. “

By last, Carreño sent a message to David Ferrer, friend and current coach of his rival in the semifinals: “Ferrer is Zverev's coach. David knows me a lot, but the one who is going to play is Zverev.” The Asturian has things very clear.

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