Yannick Carrasco, winger of the Belgian national team, assured this Saturday that your team must forget as soon as possible the tough 2-3 defeat suffered on Thursday against France, after wasting a 2-0 in favor, and said that it is necessary to learn from the mistakes made in the press conference prior to the final for third and fourth place in the Nations League against Italy.

“We have to forget that game, but also we have to learn to get to the World Cup as prepared as possible. It will be a very difficult match, Italy has a lot of experience, it will be a good match to prepare for Qatar, “said Carrasco at the press conference prior to the appointment with the” azzurri “in Turin.

The Atlético Madrid winger assured that The Belgian coach summoned his players last Friday to analyze the positive and negative things seen against France. “Martínez told us about the good and the bad of the game with France and asked us to prepare well to get to Qatar better. We have to improve the negative aspects and work on the positive ones. (…) We have to make tactical fouls when necessary, these are small details that are important “, he claimed.

The defeat suffered against France was hard on a mental level for Belgium, but Carrasco assured that he continues with confidence in the group. Of course, he encouraged the Belgian environment to also support the team. “It depends on us, but it also depends on you. Do you still believe in us? It gives us the feeling that you have lost confidence. We will be able to do something great. We do believe in being able to do it well, especially when we are in 100% physical condition. I do not know if we will be at the level of the greatest, but of course we continue to believe, “he said.

Belgium already faced Italy in the quarterfinals of the European Championship and fell 0-2, although Carrasco denied that it was a rematch. “I think it will be a good game, they are two good teams, I do not know if this meeting will be similar to the one of the Eurocopa, because there we played more “, recognized. “You can talk about revenge, because we lost in the Eurocup. But tomorrow is a final for third place, there are no eliminations, it is only a match for third place,” he added.