PSG insists: they do not want to release Mbappé. It has been reiterated by Leonardo, guest of 'La Gazzetta dello Sport' during the 'Festival dello Sport' in Trento, in which the sports director of the French club attacked Real Madrid again, making a comparison with his attitude to incorporate Donnarumma last summer for free, after ending his contract with Milan: “They don't respect us, they have been two years talking about Kylian. We never worked behind the scenes to convince Gigio and get him to leave Milan as a free agent. We did not speak with him before June, when the situation was already clear and the 'rossonero' club had communicated that they were not going to renew him, also signing Maignan “.

According to the Brazilian, Mbappé's situation is different: “Madrid have been talking about Kylian for two years, it is not normal to say that sooner or later he would end up at the club and we also communicated it to the merengue club. It is not good to look for a player like that, even less if we talk about one of the best in the world. Things like that should be punished. “

For Leonardo, Mbappé “has not renewed and this situation was reached because there has been pressure from Spain for years.” The sports director believes that this case “should be punished, because it is not normal” and, despite everything, he remains optimistic about the continuity of the French: “We want him to continue, we want to renew him, our idea has not changed. It is a gem and it's perfect for us, we don't think of a team without him in the next few years. When he, Neymar and Messi start working it will be fantastic for everyone. “

The PSG manager also defended the entity's business model, which was also highly criticized in Italy: “What we do has always been done, although in a different way. Before, the one with the largest stadium wonThen came the time of television rights and now football has opened up to new worlds and new investors. Milan was also buying the best for 10 years, the same happened with Madrid and Juventus … In Italy, for 30 years, football was in the hands of three families “.

In fact, Leonardo also had words for Javier Tebas, President of LaLiga, who has criticized PSG on several occasions as a club that flouts economic regulations and competes unfairly, with money from the Qatari emirate: “PSG does not invest more than other clubs, I want to clarify that. And others have larger debts. What Thebes is attacking us? We answer to UEFA and Ligue1, not to LaLiga. “