The visually impaired Spanish surfer defends world title in California after having an eye surgery


The Spanish Carmen López confesses that she faces the Adapted Surfing World Championship, in which she makes her debut this Wednesday, “realistic” about her options to defend her 2020 title after not having had her “best year” due to an operation on her eye, but that for her “it is a dream and an achievement” to have managed to overcome these problems and pains to be able to enjoy “something so incredible”.

“The truth is that it has not been my best year, I have to be realistic and know that I am not in my best condition. They have had to operate on one eye and I am going through bad times, but simply with being able to go and defend the title, although not I can maintain it, it is a personal achievement, “Carmen López assured Europa Press before leaving for California to compete in an event where she was crowned world champion in March 2020 in the category for the visually impaired 1.

The Asturian stressed that she still has “problems” in her eye and that it is giving her “quite a ‘war'”. “I want to be with my feet on the ground and what I am going to do is give the best of myself. Knowing that getting to be in the World Cup is an achievement and that it is a dream that after everything that has happened I can close this year with something as incredible as reaching the World Cup, “he commented,

“I had serious doubts if I could do it after the operation. I have had neuropathic pain 24 hours a day, have been on medication, been admitted for more than two weeks … I had surgery at the end of May and I still have ‘war’ and we are looking at possible treatments. The luck that I have is that I have a medical team behind it that is amazing and in that sense I am very happy, “she stressed, admitting that she considered” seriously “not going, but that among” friends, family, Lucas and Maria (her coaches) and doctors “convinced her.

López, who also thanked him for having a new sponsor at Oviedo Sport, also does not forget that the weather in Asturias “is complex” and that this has also prevented him from preparing as best as possible on the table. “Where I have been able to give the most has been in the gym and I am in good physical condition. Although I cannot defend the title one hundred percent, being there I am already happy,” he reiterated.

The world champion has barely competed since everything came to a halt in March due to the pandemic. “We have only had the Spanish Championship in September where we have seen a few of those who make up the great family of the team,” he said.


But despite this, the selection goes to the beach of Pismo Beach with a delegation of 16 participants and with “new competitors”. “The fact that the family grows and there are new people who want to be part of this project is something that also motivates,” admitted the woman from Oviedo.

She regrets that the success of Spanish adapted surfing in 2020, when it won eight medals and conquered the team title, did not have “the recognition it should have had” because of the pandemic. “It was a historic event for the Spanish Federation and Parasurfing could have had greater visibility after that great competition, but the pandemic complicated everything a lot and even so this year we are going with more equipment, new people, and in categories that we did not have before. . We have to try to revalidate the team title at least, “he remarked.

Carmen López will also have the help of having her two coaches there, Lucas García, who is also one of the national coaches, and his wife María, with whom she trains. “I have a very strong connection with both of them and for me it is important that they be with me because after a difficult year it gives me security. They can give me support if I get down or I have more intense pain. You are far from home and when you have a problem as the one that I am tending to have someone close as if they were from your family gives you another peace of mind, “he celebrated.

Finally, the Spaniard indicated that she did not know what the beach of Pismo Beach was like, but that she hoped that they would be “similar conditions” to that of La Jolla, where she was crowned world champion. “It is a change and the fact of knowing another area encourages you. The dates do not influence (the previous World Cup was in March), but let’s see if at least it doesn’t rain for us. At least I’m going to take the winter suits because I feel more comfortable with them, personally I am more comfortable in cold waters than in hot waters, “he said.