Levante has confirmed the continuity of Alessio Lisci at the head of the team. The Orriols Club Board of Directors has issued a statement in which ratifies the Italian coach on the bench after assuming the team on an interim basis on November 30. With him, the team signed a resounding 0-8 in the Copa del Rey debut against Hurricane Melilla and a draw against Osasuna in its debut in the First Division.

Smooth, que He came to the Levante school a decade ago from Lazio, fulfills the dream of a lifetime and is confirmed as the main coach of the club that opened the doors to start his way on the benches in Spain.

Levante Shield / Flag

Lor that in principle it was an experience far from his native Italy has become, based on work and success at the base of the club, at your door to professionalism.

In this way, Alessio will direct the session tomorrow at the Ciutat de València and, in principle, will end the season at the head of the team. The results will mark your destiny in the elite. But the club has given him the opportunity of a lifetime. He, without a clear outcome regarding his future, has already emerged as the “ideal profile” to take on the challenge.