Cádiz drew 1-1 this Tuesday against UD Las Palmas, from the Second Division, in a pre-season friendly played in Marbella.

In the opening minutes, the approaches were from set pieces on both sides, although it was the Canarian team that first tried their luck with a shot by Jonathan Viera that did not give Argentine goalkeeper Jeremías Ledesma (m.7) any major problems.

In the 20th minute Lucas Pérez launched a deflected direct free kick for Cádiz, prelude to the first dangerous action for the Cadiz, in which the Sevillian goalkeeper Alvaro Valles responded well against the Honduran striker Anthony Lozano (m.27).

At the stroke of half an hour, Cádiz took the lead after a play by the Central American striker, in an unfortunate action for the Canaries when defender Basilio Coco scored an own goal. Las Palmas soon equalized with a beautifully crafted goal by former Cadista Álvaro Jiménez (m.37).

After the restart, the game dropped completely and it was necessary to wait until the 69th minute to see the intervention of a goalkeeper, in this case from Valles to a shot by Montenegrin Milutin Osmajic. The rest of the second half did not offer more plays that caused trouble in any of the goals.

Cadiz: Ledesma, Jail, Fali, Cala, Hawthorn, Jose Mari, Alarcón, Pombo, Mabil, Lozano and Lucas Perez. Also played: Gil, Martin Calderon, Zaldua, Chust, Hernandez, Arzamendia, Alex Fernandez, Perea, Gimenez, Osmajic and Negredo.

The Palms: Valles, Sidnei, Coco, Santana, Sergi Cardona, Mfulu, Loiodice, Moleiro, Jiménez, Viera and Marc Cardona. They also played: Lemos, Suárez, Curbelo, Pejiño, Fabio, Óscar, Julen, Elejalde, David Vicente and García.

Goals: 1-0, M. 30: Coco, own goal. 1-1, M. 37: Jimenez.

IIncidents: Friendly match played at the Marbella Football Center facilities.

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