Two months after the death of Isabel IIa possible coronation date for Charles III as the new king: next June 3. However, this information has been denied by Buckingham Palace itself, which continues to mourn the death of the longest-serving sovereign.

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“Purely speculation”, a Palace spokesman told The Mirror after it was posted on Bloomberg the date on which he would be officially crowned as the new monarch of the United Kingdom. Carlos III was already proclaimed as king after the death of his mother, although the coronation is one more formal step in his ascension to the throne. next to him, Camilla Parker Bowlesqueen consort, as Elizabeth II wished.

The future coronation of Carlos III has been prepared for years under the code name of Operation Golden Orb. While the date arrives, enough time is saved to mourn the loss of the monarch, who died on September 8 at the age of 96 due to her advanced age.

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Carlos III, meanwhile, does not enjoy the good popularity of his mother and has a long way to go to fully win the affection of his people. He was criticized by the media in his country and abroad for his famous gestures with the inkwell, the quill and the employees of the crown. Instead, his successor, William of Englandand his wife, Kate Middletonthey do have a positive image towards the British people.