rose benedict it does not look good at all in the docuseries of Rocio Carrasco. The daughter of Dew Sworn He has no mercy against his aunt and in the last chapter he charged against her again, showing a series of invoices that make the sister-in-law and her daughter look bad, Chayo Mohedano. Rosa, outraged, assured that these documents were falsified.

These and other controversies related to Rosa outrage Jorge Javier Vazquez, who has spoken again this Wednesday of the war waged by aunt and niece. Once again, she has been blunt against her former collaborator: “If lying were a crime, Rosa Benito would have a life sentence.”

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Since Rociito returned to the media arena, the tension between both family parties has intensified even more, if possible. Especially after the new docuseries, focused on Rocío’s version to dismantle the Mohedano. In her last intervention, the universal heiress of The greatest showed several invoices, one in the name of Chayo (who would have received almost 3,500 euros) and another from Rosa, in charge of combing the artist, who was supposedly paid with 2020 euros.

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Benito herself exploded on Twitter this week: “To me that I carry a paper without signatures and with my wrong date tells me that the invoices are false. I want to see my signature and that of Amador Mohedano. And where is the company seal? Who paid her, the Jury or RTVE?

In social networks, the ‘carrasquista’ side has pulled the newspaper library to point out that Rosa made some statements in the past about her niece that she now contradicts herself. For them, there is no one more blind than the one who does not want to see. “You have to ask her why she has lied for all these years. But what is proven is that Rosa Benito is a trilera and a brawler,” says Jorge about it.