With a week to go until Black Friday 2021 arrives, the first Friday after Thanksgiving, the main companies already have their entire arsenal ready to conquer the market for offers. Thousands of discounted products in the main commercial sections, with great emphasis on technology, which in many establishments go beyond the aforementioned November 26.

Although Black Friday falls this year in November 26, as has been customary in recent editions, this day extends for more previous dates, as well as later dates to the point of linking with the Cyber Monday (Monday, November 29). An effect that is already being witnessed in El Corte Inglés, MediaMarkt, Zara, Amazon or PcComponentes with important campaigns to encourage consumption before Christmas shopping.

Of course, it will be the aforementioned last Friday of the month when the best sales arrive as well as unique promotions that increase purchases both in physical establishments and in online commerce. For now, mere announcements, the forecasts indicate that up to 34% of Spaniards will make their Christmas purchases this day to take advantage of the discounts.

Black Friday en Amazon

Already with advance offers (up to 40%), one of the great promoters of this holiday around the world, the most important days of the e-commerce giant will be Thursday 25 and Friday 26.

Black Friday en Zara

The brand par excellence of Inditex and Amancio Ortega, it will not be until the vicinity of the 26th when their offers are activated. For this reason, Zara has already announced that from Thursday, November 25, at 20:00 in its online stores, discounts of 20 and 40% will be activated on certain products that will be extended throughout Friday online and in physical establishments.

Black Friday at El Corte Inglés

Also opting for the advance bet, until this Wednesday, November 17, Spanish department stores have a financing promotion for up to 12 months in certain discounted purchases (mainly in technological matters). Regarding Black Friday itself, without announcing official dates yet, so it is unknown if they will go beyond November 26, they have left a small advance with a “total Black Friday” that will have discounts “for several days “.

Black Friday en PcComponentes

Already with all the arsenal in sight, the company specialized in technological products has, for a few days, hundreds of discounted items that will be renewed until the same day 26 where great bargains are expected in all its sections.

Black Friday en Fnac

Since November 1, Fnac has been running a multitude of discounts of up to 50% on its products. A previous campaign that will last until this Thursday, November 18, to then leave a week where on the 26th all offers in online commerce and physical establishments will culminate.

Black Friday and MediaMarkt

A similar strategy has been carried out by the German chain with discounts throughout the month in hundreds of brands and sections. In addition, the sales are expected to extend beyond the 26th with the key date of Cyber ​​Monday.

Black Friday and Ikea

Contrary but not so much to this type of campaign, the Swedish multinational will celebrate Green Friday on November 26. A date of clear commitment to sustainability, which is not new for this 2021, and for what from November 15 to 28 in the sale of old furniture Ikea gives its customers up to 50% more than the buyback price.

Black Friday en Decathlon

The French sports network will not put out its big deals until the key date of November 26. However, until then and as is customary in its establishments, many of its products are discounted to give the greatest possible savings to its customers.

Black Friday en Apple

It will not be until the 26th itself when Apple products lower their prices, always in the focus of consumers’ attention. Until then, the company promotes gift cards with a view to Christmas.

What is the origin of Black Friday?

A Black Friday that has settled in Spain in the last decade, especially due to the initial effort of Apple and Amazon in contributing to this widespread sale. However, its birth responds more to the retail trade in the 60’s in United States.

In the main cities of the country began to create a campaign to increase sales between Thanksgiving and Christmas. But it was in Philadelphia, in 1961, when the police began to coin this term ‘black’ because of the immense traffic congestion that occurred when so many people came to buy at the same time. Already popularized in the mid-70s, the surname of ‘black’ to this Friday also began to be given since that day the accounts of the shops went from being in red (negative) to black (positive).

The first Black Friday had no offers or discounts: it was caused by a major financial fraud