The attorneys of Karim Benzema in the case of blackmail with a sex video Mathieu Valbuena They asked this Friday for the acquittal of their client, while they harshly attacked his former teammate in the selection, who they consider that out of “envy” he wants to implicate him.

In a harsh plea, the lawyer Sylvain Cormier He assured that Valbuena “is a victim of his acts”, since it was he himself who was recorded in the sexual video with which they later tried to blackmail him.

The lawyer assured that Valbuena He may even have committed a criminal act since the young woman with whom he has sexual relations did not know that he was being recorded.

“No one has cared about that woman, not even the researchers,” he said. Cormier, who maintained his line of defense according to which sports jealousy has led Valbuena to charge the inks against Benzema.

Cormier and another of the Madridista’s lawyers, Antoine Vey, they insisted that there is no material evidence of the complicity of Benzema in the attempt to blackmail Valbuena and pointed out that the prosecution wanted to implicate their client because of his celebrity.

“From the first moment the prosecution wanted to sink a star and that is why they mediated the case from the first moment,” said Cormier, who considered that the charges have been maintained because “after so much publicity they cannot say that they have been wrong.”

Something similar said about Valbuena, of which he affirmed that “he has been overcome by the case, he has gone too far and now he cannot back down.”

Vey questioned the version of Valbuena, according to which he felt threatened in the conversation he had with Benzema on Clairefontaine on October 6, 2015 during a concentration of the French national team, a talk on which a good part of the accusation against the forward of the Real Madrid.

According to the lawyer, despite the fact that at that time Valbuena he was already in contact with the police, he did not say anything to the investigators of this dialogue.

“He only did it a month and a half later, when the content of a telephone conversation between Benzema and his friend was leaked to the press. Karim Zenati“He said. In the same, intercepted by the police, Benzema and his childhood friend, who was the one who asked him to intervene in the case, laughed at Valbuena. That telephone dialogue is the second element withheld by the Prosecutor’s Office to petition against Benzema 10 months in prison exempt from compliance and a fine of 75,000 euros.

In the same, Benzema reports to Zenati that the conversation they just had in Clairefontaine Valbuena “left pale”, interpreted by the accusation as a clear sign of the fear caused by his teammate.

The defense considered that it is an interpretation and refutes its intimidating character. He also rejects that the fact that Benzema speak in the plural in that telephone conversation implies that he was part of the gang that was trying to extort money from Valbuena.

“There is no item to show that Benzema he was in contact with the other defendants, apart from his friend, nor did he know their intentions with the sex tape, “Vey said.

Cormier insisted on the personality of his client “who in his entire career has only had three yellow cards, who has passed through two clubs and who continues to pay his taxes in France“Why would I join this criminal gang?”

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