Stamford Bridge, London, the rain of a lifetime; Chelsea, champion of Europe, orphan “di capo” and hopeful… Before half an hour was up, Madrid won 0-2, two beautiful headers from Benzema. In the first he made the move with viniciusyour dance partner, who could also be Modric, which focused the second. Then Havertz closed the gap immediately after Karim 0-3 will escape him. The game was cool. Entertaining, intense, with the geniuses out of the bottle, on their mission, not hidden.

In times of the ‘Quinta del Buitre’, Leg chopperpostinero coach, had so much respect for Milan, or fear, that he condemned Michel to mark Maldini. He gave away the right flank, which came to be a goal factory, and by renouncing his virtues, he oxygenated the rival, then one of the best in Europe. From that mistake, that tomb.

Luck must be sought, victory must be pursued and cholosmore in tune with Leg chopper that in the Ancelotti, raised an ultra-defensive game at the Etihad so as not to lose the tie and won 1-0. Defeat is never, ever a triumph, even if it is for the minimum and that minimum punishment allows you to enjoy a breath of life, and dream. Thought Valle-Inclan that it was “the same to succeed as to make defeat glorious”. Very debatable. Atlético did not want to win, not once did they shoot, and Madrid, on the other hand, looked for Olimpo as a big, ambitious and even gamer team. All of which was made easier with Benzema in their ranks and in the apotheosis: he also scored the third after another goalkeeper error Mendy. Conclusion, whoever wants wins, Madrid, probable semifinalist, and whoever does not think about winning loses. cholos, is there a paradise without kicking? We will see.