Marriage scenes: Begoña Gómez asked Pedro Sánchez not to resign

The President of the Government has had the country in suspense for five days about his continuity in office after the complaint by Manos Médicas against Begoña Gómez for the alleged crimes of influence peddling and corruption in business. This Monday he announced his firm decision to remain at the head of Moncloa and explained his reasons in an interview for TVE: “After publishing the letter, my wife was the first to tell me not to resign.”

Sánchez explained that both he and his family have suffered a lot in recent years: “It is harassment, it is a campaign of defamation against me and my family environment. Last Wednesday when we learned that a judicial investigation was being opened, it was the last straw.” broke the camel’s back.” He has assured that he wrote the letter “alone” and after signing it, Begoña encouraged him to continue: “She was the first who told me not to resign, but I had to make that intimate personal reflection because it had been non-stop for ten years. I needed to stop reflecting and know exactly if all this was worth it. And he added: “It has been five days that I will not forget politically and personally. I have spoken a lot with my wife and we have reflected a lot together.”

“I have received many messages of support”

After this break, and having communicated his decision to the hard core of the party and also to King Felipe VI, Pedro Sánchez announced this Monday that he continues to lead the Government: “I have received many messages of support, solidarity, empathy. I appreciate them. from a personal point of view. And I also appreciate from a political point of view the social mobilization, that many citizens have decided to say enough is enough.”

This Monday, in his interview for TVE, Sánchez indicated that he needed the support of the citizens: “Indirectly, I think I was also looking for the response of the citizens to see if they really shared with me the need to put an end to this drift in the that the public debate has been going on for too many years in our country. And he added: “I think this is a necessary debate, that is why these five days not only do I think I needed them, but I also think that the citizens themselves needed them because this is a debate that has fully entered homes: if this is the country we want and how we can take care of democracy and strengthen it.”