Thomas Tuchel was clear and forceful after the defeat of the Chelsea before him Real Madrid in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League (1-3) and did not give any option to a possible comeback.

“Living tie? No, no”said the German flatly, who qualified later that “Right now, and playing at this level, he’s not.” “It’s a tough loss and one of the worst first parts I’ve seen here at Stamford Bridge. At this level, you can’t play like that individually or as a team,” he insisted. Tuchelwho continued to criticize that “we haven’t given enough, none of us. We’re not doing what we used to do and we’re far from our level. That’s how games are lost.”

As it already characterizes him, the German does not filter. “Everything has gone wrong. Not only how open we have been, but also where we have passed the ball and how we have done it. Where we have attacked, our intensity… We can’t complain when we lose after a first half like this.”

Now, before turning Tuchel considers it crucial to focus on the next opponent. “It is very important to process that we are going to Southampton first. I’ll make sure of it. If we keep playing like this, we will lose to Southampton. And we won’t even have to think about the Bernabéu, they’ll run over us.”

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