Madrid's visit to Mönchengladbach left a bittersweet aftertaste, sour for the points lost and sweet for the point won thanks to the show of faith and honor of the final moments. However, after the meeting, the 'Chiringuito' echoed a video broadcast by 'Telefoot' in which Benzema tells Ferland Mendy that a team player “does what he wants” and asks him not to play with him : “Play against us,” he says. That someone is, presumably, Vinicius Júnior and the words were produced at the break of the crash. Is it would not be the first public disappointment of the French towards the BrazilianSince, almost a year ago, the winger despaired of the striker, as captured by the cameras of 'El Golazo de Gol'.

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Capture of 'El Golazo de Gol' in which Benzema is seen asking Vinicius to raise his head.

On December 7, the white team received Espanyol in a stage of reconduction of Zidane's team. In that crash the '9' scored and the then '25' shone in the overflow, but not at the end of the play. The left band was a highway for São Gonçalo, but his forays failed to connect with a Benzema who ended up visibly exasperated. On several occasions, the young man can be seen berated for his lack of generosity. “Raise your head”, he is clearly seen saying, while raising his own chin in bitterness with the situation. On one of the occasions he seeks the complicity of a Sergio Ramos who does not give him an answer. Finally, After several boardings with his foot changed, Karim receives a pass from his teammate, unfortunately, not hitting the shot.

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Capture of 'El Golazo de Gol' in which Vinicius is seen telling Benzema that he had not seen him.

Benzema is like a soccer father for the Brazilian, as Vini himself has expressed on several occasions. “Benzema, without any doubt, has helped me from day one. Advising me on how to decide better and, whenever we have played together, telling me to be calm and focused, “said the Carioca in an interview last March. There I would also add an anedoct that speaks clearly of the paternal-filial relationship that the protagonists enjoy:”In a game against Atlético, I lost the ball and they scored us. (Benzema) He suggested that I change my position for a few minutes because that way I would receive less and regain the confidence to rejoin the game. We did it and it worked perfectly (…). It is a privilege to learn from him. “

However, even in the best avenues families rubs appear and the tension of the moment, and the multitude of eyes watching, give rise to clashes like those reported here. Vinicius does not take his eyes off who has said that he is “the best nine in the world”, but if you do not want to repeat rifirafe attempts, you should associate more regularly with the lionés. Next Saturday against Huesca (2:00 pm) we will see if there is any kind of resentment or if, on the contrary, everything remains a mere anecdote.

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