The pandemic COVID-19 has given an opportunity to Luis Suárez that I no longer expected. Away from the playing fields since January, when decided to have surgery because the right knee told him enough after the game against him Atlético de Madrid in the Super Cup from Spain, his return was planned for may. In theory, almost everything was going to be already decided. However, the very long parenthesis of the competition, which stopped in early March, has allowed him recuperate and above all, being ready to help a team that undoubtedly needs you. “He is a savage”, he even said Eder Sarabia, Setien's assistant, to define your work in recovery, which was already pointing to advance deadlines even if there had been no break.

The Suarez operation allowed him to speculate with the possibility that he would not put on the Barça shirt again, crazy as the Barça club is going for the signing of Lautaro Martinez. The possibility that Suarez will leave for the MLS, Miami in particular, if he did not finish recovering, there was taken a certain body. Now nobody talks about the future of Suárez. Only from his recovery and his penultimate service to Barça.

The state in which he will return Suarez is a unknown. The player admitted that he needed contact with colleagues to know what his real state. Turns to check if his knee is recovered, shots … With eleven goals and seven assists, Suárez was once again one of the most important players of Barça. As usual. He who the more he turned his face away from home, the one who had given the victories in Getafe and Leganés and the one who had collaborated with draws, which must have been triumphs, in Anoeta and Cornellà.

Shield / Flag Barcelona

Suarezthat still hasn't played at the orders of Quique Setién (The announcement of his operation coincided with the dismissal of Valverde) will be a relief for Messi. Barça had had many goal problems since Setien's arrival, so many that he had fallen in Valencia (2-0), Madrid (2-0), Bilbao in Cup (1-0) and he had won up to six games for the minimum. The Uruguayan cleans plants for his Argentine friend. Suarez's category as a player, fourth top scorer in the club's history, is beyond doubt. Is a player out of catalog. If the physicist can bear it, Setien has made the best friend possible.

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