Espanyol will resume LaLiga on Saturday June 13 with the decisive match that will face Alavés, in the RCDEStadium, the first ‘final’ in his desperate race for salvation in the remaining eleven days.

The first post-stop match of Abelardo's it will take place at a very usual time for Espanyol in the league course, 13 hours. A schedule, like the one at 12 noon, which It favors that the television audience of the Chinese fans is very high when the game is held in prime time for the Asian giant.

The phenomenon Wu Lei, an idol in China, continues having a lot of circulation in his country, where multiplied the followers parrots since the Chinese ‘7’ signed for Espanyol. Hence, the Blue and Whites' games have been promoted in that time slot.

Espanyol restart LaLiga at that time, but the truth is that Abelardo's have not been given anything rightAs far as results are concerned, playing on a pro-Chinese schedule, that of 1 pm.

So far in the league course, Espanyol has played four games at 13 hours and none ended in victory: 3 losses (Valencia, Real Madrid and Granada) and a draw (Athletic). Of these four games played at 1pm, two were at the RCDE Stadium and another two outside.

At 12 o'clock, also ‘gafe’

But if the 1:00 p.m. schedule has not favored parrot interests too much, another similar one and also ideal for inflating audiences in China, the 12 o'clock was not a talisman either for Catalans Espanyol has played up to 8 matches at 12 o'clock with an unflattering balance: 4 losses, 2 draws and 2 victories.

Definitely to Abelardo's, so far in the championship, it has not been good for them to play at noon. But those data, despite not being hopeful, they are already in the past and now it only matters to focus all the energies on ending the first duel with a victory post-break, the first ‘final’ in the complicated and intense fight to achieve the desired permanence.

On Saturday, June 13, Alavés will land at the RCDE Stadium and anything that is not a win is invalid to start the battle for salvation with hope.

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