Carlo Costanzia talks about the moment he threw chips at Alejandra Rubio: “I thought she was prettier in person”

The world of the heart was revolutionized in February with the news that Terelu Campos’ daughter and Mar Flores’ eldest son were together. Two of the best-known women in the country related by their children, the story writes itself. Carlo Costanzia sat down this Friday at Telecinco and not only to talk about the arrest of his brother Pietro in Italy, but of course also about his girlfriend.

The Italian drooled while talking about her and recounted the moment when she began to catch his attention. The two met in the hallways of Telecinco for the first time when he went to the Fuencarral network’s facilities a few months ago to take out the dirty laundry from his childhood and his family.

“I was curious why a person like her would dedicate herself to this”he has said about the press of the heart while he exploits it. “She studies to be an actress”, he recalled, feeling proud of the passion they share. The actor of Toy Boy He said that he didn’t even know who Alejandra’s family was: “I didn’t know who the mother was, or the grandmother, or the aunt.”. And you will have to believe him.

Their first date came after he hit on her via text message: “I write to him and tell him if he would like to have some tea so he can explain to me how this world works”. He was enthralled with her: “I thought she was prettier in person than on TV and we had a level of conversation that I didn’t think I would have”has revealed.

On the other hand, he assures that María Teresa Campos’ granddaughter provides him with unconditional support: “Few people stay in another person’s bad times and few support them in bad times”.

Three months after their courtship began, he feels lucky with how they are maintaining it: “The first kiss we had appeared in magazines all over Spain, from then on We have had exhaustive monitoring that not even the CIA […] It is a relationship that is too stable with everything that has happened and being in the media spotlight 24 hours a day.