Barcelona receives 4,117 postal vote requests on the first day

Barcelona has made available to the partner, from this Friday, January 29 to next Tuesday, February 9, the possibility of requesting the vote by mail to participate in the elections for the club's presidency on March 7. The response of the partner on this first day has surprised those responsible for the club, since as reported by the Blaugrana entity had received a total of 4,117 applications between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. this Friday.

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Taking into account that the total census of members with voting rights is 110,552, the number of members who have already requested on the first day to participate through the method of vote by mail is almost one 4%. If this rhythm was maintained, almost 35% of partners could be reached by availing themselves of this new option.

Remember that the member has two options to vote by mail: one is by the traditional route, going to the post office that corresponds to him to deliver his vote, and the other, that Only members over 65 can be accepted or with an illness that prevents them from leaving their home, with the collection of your vote at home by a post courier.

In any case, not all members are eligible for one of these two voting by mail options, since Members residing outside of Spain will not be able to participate in the elections if they do not attend in person at one of the six polling stations that the club has. The reason is that embassies and consulates do not collaborate in the vote by mail of private entities. This situation has raised some controversy among some partners, especially residents in the south of France, who have threatened the possibility of contesting the elections if they are finally unable to vote in person due to mobility restrictions or vote by mail.