FC Barcelona has won ‘ElClásico Rivalry’, the duel between fans that LaLiga launched on the occasion of last week’s Clásico between the blaugranas and Real Madrid at the Spotify Camp Nou.

LaLiga’s collaboration with regional and global sponsors such as BKT, including broadcasters, has made it possible to organize 77 activations in 36 countries around the world.

Through BKT’s ‘ElClásico Rivalry’ campaign, LaLiga invited fans to participate in different events in different parts of the world and make noise for their favorite team on social media. Around 20,000 people attended the physical events, while others participated through social networks by uploading photos or videos of content related to ElClásico with the hashtags #ElClásicoRM or #ElClásicoBarça.

The ‘ElClásico Rivalry’ scoreboard was created so that fans could get points for their club, and all the points obtained in the different activations would be added to determine which fans support their team the most. Thus, FC Barcelona has prevailed, obtaining a total of 7,340 points, while Real Madrid fans managed to add 7,259.

Public broadcasts of the match drew thousands of fans, with huge fan fests in places like Mexico City, Egypt, Los Angeles and Ghana, and watch parties in countries like India, Ivory Coast, Brazil, Poland, Cameroon, Canada, Hungary and the UK. The fans who attended these events were able to participate in various challenges and games to earn points for their club on the “ElClásico Rivalry” scoreboard: a 10km race in Colombia or local tournaments in the Philippines, Indonesia or Brazil are some examples.

In addition, clubs and influencers also played a crucial role in the sum of points for their chosen one online, encouraging fans to upload content and thus earn points for their team.