“Now I see myself with more options to make a very good result”Nadal said after losing to Thiem in a great game. And apparently this Thursday in his duel with heads or tails against Tsitsipas, he was not bluffing. The Balearic was sensational in all aspects (serves, volleys, winning shots, speed, agility, remains …) And he did what he had to do: win 6-4, 4-6 and 6-2 in 2h: 04 to get into the semifinals of the ATP Finals for the sixth time in his career. Something that he had not achieved since 2015.

The current champion of the tournament fell again in London against the number two in the world, as in 2019, but this time defeat costs him elimination. Nadal, who has already accumulated 20 victories in the Masters and overtakes McEnroe in eighth place in the historical table, will retain its position in the ranking until the end of the year after the otherwise inconsequential stumble of Thiem, his pursuer, against Rublev (6-3 and 7-5). The Spaniard, who delivered only 13 unforced errors, will meet Medvedev for a spot in the final on Saturday (at 9:00 p.m., #Vamos). while the Austrian will face Djokovic or Zverev.

Most wins at ATP Finals

Player Balance
1 Roger Federer 59-17
2 Ivan lendl 39-10
3 Novak Djokovic 37-14
4 Boris becker 36-13
5 Pete sampras 35-14
6 Ilie Nastase 22-3
Andre Agassi 22-20
8 John McEnroe 19-11
Rafael Nadal 19-14
10 Stefan edberg 18-14
Jimmy connors 18-17

The start of the game was extraordinary in terms of power and precision. Another top-level duel at the Masters. Both Nadal and Tsitsipas closed their first services firmly and with very few concessions. There were no grooves for a break opportunity to come along and no long exchanges. Those that were seen were spectacular. Very typical of a hard court and indoors. The Hellenic knew that success had to go through aggressiveness, without waiting for failure, in serves, and knowing how to endure the rest. “I will have to go through a lot of pain and suffering,” he had predicted. So it was. Rafa, with the armed drive, found his first chances to break in the opening set. They got away for a bad return against a second. Strong in the head under the pressure of always serving from behind on the scoreboard, the Mallorcan served wonderfully. At 4-4 he made another break chance and Tsitsipas made it easy for him with a double fault. This time Nadal did not miss the advantage as in the second set against Thiem. This closed it with two aces and five points lost in his turns (he gave up a total of 19 in the entire match).

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Nadal, at one point against Tsitsipas

With half of the way very well traveled, that of Manacor he demarcated in the first game of the second set, although he failed to consummate the threat. Then he crushed good Stefanos with his serve and I look forward to another opportunity to surprise the rest. The Athenian could not overflow or do damage when receiving, doomed to the desperate search for the tiebreaker, until strangely Nadal, with 5-4 against, made two climbs that maybe they didn't touch. Thus came the first break balls and at the same time set for Tsitsipas. The unexpected happened due to a double fault, this time from the Spanish. Serious error that did not do justice to a set in which he signed 12 winners and three failures. He had to row more and he did it with force, with a break at the start in the third round. But nevertheless, he could not consolidate it because his rival took a step forward in aggressiveness and he lacked a bit of strength. Nothing happened, because immediately Rafa went ahead again and then he did confirm with some difficulties. The level of services was very difficult to maintain due to wear and tear. Those minutes of disorder solved them well, He added another break to his card and ended the agony. For dessert, a wonderful parallel reverse. It is already at the crossroads. This may finally be your year.

Schedule and results of the ATP Finals.

Rafael Nadal


Stefanos Tsitsipas


Converted break points

Converted break points

Converted break points

Converted break points

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