Simeone premiered the 'double nine' with Diego Costa and Suárez and also debuted Torreira, the great novelty of eleven. There were more rotations, like the entries of Manu Sánchez, Hermoso and Lemar. Atleti scored the first one they had, then suffered sustained by Oblak and it ended up making the afternoon very long, with two injured players.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Oblak: If Atleti came winning at halftime, it was largely their fault. He made four saves, the best in a heads-up against Santi Mina. In the second it continued to give a feeling of solidity.

Trippier: Atleti returned the game more on the left, so they produced little in attack. In defense they also made him suffer between Olaza and Nolito. After the break, more was seen in the rival field, although with little success.

Savic: Aggressive from the start, with risky entries. Aspas' mobility didn't make it easy for him.

Beautiful: He helped the team when it came to bailing water in the moments of greatest suffering. He played the second half as a left back.

Manu Sánchez: In his first participation, Simeone's decision to start him was good. He entered the area in the 5th minute and served a low back pass for Suárez to score. His black point was Mina's heads-up against Oblak, he was the one who enabled the forward's position. Replaced in the 50 '.

belt: Practically unnoticed during the first half, neither in defense he knew how to cover well to help Trippier. Not out of carelessness, because he worked a lot in the band. In 76 'he was very capable of assisting Llorente from the baseline. Replaced right after.

Torreira: Holder with only two workouts. A lot of work, but also active with the ball. He did not shy away from the responsibility of moving the ball, at times risking a lot. In the 31 'he tried it with a far right hand. He ended with muscle aches, he could hardly even run and in 88 'they had to help him get off the field.

Koke: In command of the athletic game. He also participated in the 1-0 play with the pass that accelerated the action and launched Costa. He looked a lot for Lemar to triangulate. The second half began with a great pass to Costa's uncheck.

Lemar: One of the surprises of the eleven, he formed the left wing with Manu and combined well with Koke. He was not always correct, but he did not hide. In the 32nd minute he sent a direct corner to the crossbar. He made a mistake in the 56th minute, after a great pass from João, but he shot with the right without much faith. Replaced at 64 '.

Diego Costa: Very plugged in his tandem with Suárez. In the 1-0 play, he enabled Manu; minutes later he tried to assist Suárez again after a great maneuver in the area. In the 48th minute, he was injured just by giving a great assist to Suárez.

Suarez: His is the goal. The first ball he touched he sent it to the net; the second he almost lost control with his chest. In the 48th minute he forgave a low pass from Costa to the goalkeeper, arrived forced and threw the ball up. Replaced at 64 '.


Philip: He came in in the 50th minute. In the 56th minute he almost caused a very clear chance for Aspas with a very weak transfer to Oblak. He saw the yellow for a stomp on Aspas. The second was played on an obstruction to Emre Mor.

João Félix: He entered the 50 'due to Diego Costa's injury. Good quality sparks. In the 56th minute he enabled Lemar with a filtered pass. In 57 'he got a good fight for his back maneuver that ended up against Celta. It was difficult for him to make himself feel important on the field. Very comfortable in the final stretch, hiding the ball to scratch seconds. His left-footed shot to the crossbar in the 95th minute was a marvel and ended in Carrasco's 0-2.

Carrasco: He entered 64 'and got on the left. His first actions were more defensive than attack. In the addition he put the lace after João's whiplash.

Llorente: He entered in 64 'to accompany João in the lead. In 76 'he brushed the goal after a great pass behind Correa. On the 14th he turned and his left foot down was repelled by Villar.

Herrera: Entered in 77 'by Correa and was in the middle next to Torreira.


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