Bale was the only one who refused to lower his salary, according to the SER

According to Cadena SER, Bale was the only player who refused to lower his salary when the squad reached an agreement with the club due to the drop in income derived from the coronavirus crisis. The captains reached an agreement with Madrid whereby all players would lower their salary by 10% (with respect to the total they had to receive last season) in case they returned to competition (during the break, in full state alarm) and 20% if there was no resumption of the championships.

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In the end, as the League resumed (Madrid were champions in the remaining 11 games), the drop remained at 10%. Now, the SER reveals that all the players agreed except Bale. At that time, last season, Madrid had a Total salary mass for the first football team of 283 million euros. The club saved with that ten percent applicable to football, basketball, Castilla and senior managers, an amount close to 49 million euros. Although the official accounts for 2019-20 have not yet been published, it has been leaked that there will be 320,000 euros of surplus.

Bale, who has two years left on his contract at the white club and who is on loan to Tottenham, has the possibility of making his debut this Sunday again in the Premier. His agent, Jonathan Barnett, got a new opportunity for his franchise player in the Premier against all odds. The attacker is 31 years old and has a long injury history. The data of the operation that took him to Tottenham has not transcended, but it does mean that Madrid takes charge of, at least, half of the player's salary, which earns 15 million euros net per year.