1-Luis Maximiano: Surprised by Sandro’s great shot at 1-0 and got a tremendous scare with a header from Cuenca at 35′ that caught him off foot, just like Unal’s 2-1. He could have done more at 3-1 and at 4-2. One of his poorest performances with Granada, although the defense did not help him either.

17-Quini: He started the 1-1 play. Every time he centers things happen. Infinite claw. Help in all positions. It went from more to less because man cannot do everything.

6-German: A risky transfer to Maximiano at 33′ almost caused an upset. Attentive in the strategic actions that Quique Flores always plans, but he did not have his usual efficiency in the aerial game. He lacked understanding with Duarte at 3-1. He lost his back. It was not his best match.

29-Torrent: He is gaining confidence. It is no longer that he defends well and is good from above, it is that he dares with long balls. Booked for a foul on Aleñá (it doesn’t seem like he was involved) he was replaced after the break, perhaps because of the warning, when he wasn’t bad at all.

15-Carlos Neva: He multiplied to stop Sandro, Unal and Aleñà, but to the detriment of his quality to go on the attack. Olivera left him in the early stages of the 3-1. Traded for Squire.

10-Antonio Doors: It started from the right although, as always, it was a multipurpose. Booked at 53′ for a foul on Olivera. He moved on both sides with uneven luck. It was not fine.

5-Luis Milla: Tremendous his game between the lines, although unassisted to cover holes. Being everywhere is not so simple. He could not organize, recover or be successful from set pieces.

26-Isma Ruiz: Youth squad who, technically, is very well endowed but who did not find his place. Leaning to the right in the center of the field, the Getafe media passed him like planes. Swapped for Montoro at 59′

11-Darwin Machis: On the left wing. Nothing at all in the first part. His first chance was intercepted by Soria at 50′. And final point. How do you miss this great player!

9-Luis Suarez: Very good goal, from a shark in the area, against Djene. He doubled at 77′ because of his faith when he put pressure on David Soria. There are already six goals. He worked a lot and pulled the car trying to infect his companions with his claw. The best of the team.

23-Jorge Molina: Player very loved by the Getafe fans. He gave 1-1 to Luis Suarez. He showed quality details and ran like a youth. As the match wore on, he lost steam.

From the bench:

22-Domingos Duarte: He left in the second half for Raúl Torrente. After having had a few minutes against Barcelona. Unal escaped him in the 2-1 play, which began with a corner kick taken by Milla. It also appears in the photo of 3-1 and 4-2. He has a long way to go to be the same as before.

19- Montoro. He came on at 59′ for Isma Ruiz to cover the hole in the center of the field. He couldn’t contribute.

35-Collado. The player on loan from Barcelona left at 70′ to make the impossible possible. In vain.

3-Escudero. Another former Getafe player. He entered through Carlos Neva to reinforce a left wing with excessive suffering. He did not succeed.

20-Carlos Bacca. He stepped on the green at 83′ to give power to the attack with the score at 3-2. No time.

Robert Moreno: He kept his flexible 4-4-2 proposal. The change of Torrente for Duarte did not go well and he did not hit the key to correct the disaster that was the defense in the second half. End to seven days without losing.