Can you define Vinicius’s party?

Vinicius has done very well. It is difficult to choose a player today who has stood out. They all played very well. We defended well, we were focused on the game from the first moment. We have applied the strategy well, we have waited a bit… It is a game that gives us confidence, but against Barcelona it is another game and another story.

Do you define better every time?

Has improved a lot. He is doing very well in this first part of the season. He has scored many goals. He has worked hard to get there. At the end of the game he has made many spints and yes, he is improving in the quality in the last meters in front of the goal.

Does Rodrygo have an affair with the Champions League?

He has fulfilled in his party. I really liked the defensive work he has done against him. I really liked your game. If he will start against Barcelona, ​​I don’t know. If he plays like this it will be difficult to change.

Does this reaffirm you in the face of the Classic?

Normal that is an evaluation that I have to do. Important players have been left out. Federico rested because he came with many minutes and the others were fine.

It seems that now Benzema has more ambition …

I think Karim has more leadership right now. Like Modric, Casemiro and Kroos. Six years ago I was younger. His personality has risen but the quality remains the same. I liked it before and I like it now.

How important is it to keep a clean sheet?

-We have defended well. When the goal is to zero we have more options to win. When it happens we always win. Defending well is a collective commitment, it is not just a merit of the defense, who individually have done very well, like the wingers.

Mendy came back.

An important return for us and for him. He pushes, he defends well, he has quality… He has played very well.

How does Kroos improve Real Madrid?

He has a clear pass, a fine pass, he is not afraid of coming out of the pressure… I don’t have to talk about these three players who have won everything that can be won and who continue to be committed… I just have to applaud them, and nothing more.