Simeone did not touch the system, although he preferred not to force his footballers touched, or Gimenez (entered after the break) nor to Llorente. A) Yes, Kondogbia started as central between Felipe and Hermoso. However, the surprise came in attack. Suárez stayed on the bench and John Felix and Griezmann they formed the lead, as he had rehearsed days ago. With eleven only Alisson prevented him from seeing himself ahead on the scoreboard. With ten, Liverpool could only with an avoidable penalty.

Athletic Shield / Flag

cloud: The first shot against was to the net (8 ‘), although nothing could be done after the touch of Milner. The second, the same (13 ‘). From there he was very sure. In debit, long shipments with the foot. In 78 ‘Salah cheated him on the penalty.

Trippier: He started somewhat overwhelmed, in the line of all defense, but he also became strong, helped by De Paul. He also passed a few times from the center of the field to add. From behind he launched a terrific diagonal pass that left João ente Alisson, but with little angle.

Felipe: As a right central he did not give much security and was infected with general nervousness. Very bad clearance in the action of 0-2. Then he was tempered and began to win individual duels. In 60 ‘he had a great chance after a free kick by De Paul, but his shot with his foot escaped next to the post. The Brazilian became a giant in the second half.

Kondogbia: Simeone placed him in the center of the defense and could not stop the roller that was Liverpool at the beginning. But then he became strong, with brave entries and driving Firmino away from the area. Even so, Simeone replaced him at halftime.

Handsome: He helped Carrasco to cover Salah and they were overwhelmed. But after the initial arreón of 0-2 he calmed down and became more of a left back, participating in the attack work but without forgetting Salah. He seemed to break a couple of times and still held on and got strong with very good punts closing from the left inward. In 76 ‘he committed a penalty on Diogo Jota.

Carrasco: He had the most difficult challenge, trying to stop Salah, one of the fittest footballers in Europe. At 0-1 it was easy for him. Still, he allowed himself a few attacking adventures that also made Arnold tense. His was the first of the second half, a heads up behind a wall with De Paul.

From Paul: He was placed to the right of Koke and tried to be aggressive in pressure. Hard leg matches do not wrinkle him and he gave Atleti a lot of air. In the 28th minute, after a robbery on the front, he left Griezmann alone before the goalkeeper with a masterful pass.

Boil: Very soft in the 0-1 action against Salah, who got away easily. After 0-2 his work was almost more to lift morale, but also in the 20 ‘he gave the assistance of 1-2, a shot that Griezmann touched. He became increasingly aggressive in the recovery and as soon as he could he served long towards Griezmann and João.

Lemar: He asks for all the balls, although the rival in front of him did not make it easy for him to conduct or vertical passes. On 20 ‘he broke Keita’s hip before putting the pass back from 1-2. After a display of movements and turns, in 42 ‘he stood before Alisson but with a very little angle and the Vaseline ran into the goalkeeper.

Griezmann: He had barely touched the ball, but in minute 20 he was ready to send Koke’s shot into the net. In 28 ‘he was about to be crowned, but crashed head to head against Alisson. In 34 ‘he received from João and with a great oriented control he escaped from Van Dijk to make it 2-2 with a crossed left foot. In each long pass he put fear and in one he made Alisson crash the ball against a teammate. In the 51st minute he saw a direct red card for hitting Firmino on the head.

João Felix: In attack, but fallen to the left wing to try to connect with Lemar. Skilled with the ball at his feet and showing some of his best controls. He also made Keita dance more than once, including the one at 2-2. Then he had his chance after jabbing a long shipment from Trippier, but Alisson guessed the low shot.


Gimenez: Entered after the break for Kondogbia. Overwhelming.

Llorente: Entered the quadruple change of 80 ‘. In time for a couple of snatches of yours.

Correa: Companion of 9. He had a very clear chance in 93 ‘, but he shot up.

Suarez: The first thing he did was catch the ball to shoot the penalty, but the VAR overruled it.

Lodi: Left back, but turned in attack in search of the tie.