Amad Diallo is the new pearl of Manchester United. The Ivorian arrived this winter from Atalanta in exchange for 21 million euros, which can raise to almost 40 in variables, and generates great expectation among Old Trafford fans although, for now, he has not made his debut with the first team. In the sub-20s, he already draws attention with three goals in two games.

The Ivorian is a protagonist for his football but also, now, for his past. The far right, according to The Times, was able to reach Italy through a human smuggling network from the Ivory Coast. This newspaper assures that five Africans were arrested in Italy in 2020 accused of being part of a network that forged documents to bring five young people to the transalpine country in 2015. Among them would be Amad Diallo.

The investigation, carried out by a court in Parma, suspects that a contact from the Ivory Coast helped several African couples in Italy to carry out procedures so that they could later claim the paternity of the children. They, having their papers in order, could claim the travel of their children to Europe and carry out the necessary paperwork to stay in Italy without further complication. With these papers in order, they could also enter the different quarries of the clubs.

This couple, in addition to Amad Diallo, also welcomed Hamed Junior Traoré, his 'brother' and current Sassuolo player. Both went through the lower categories of transalpine football without major problem until they became professionals.

Atalanta Shield / Flag
Shield / Flag M. United

According to this newspaper, the couple who welcomed them had a relationship with soccer. His 'mother', Marina Edwige Carine Teher, worked for Atalanta, the club where Diallo played, and his father', Hamed Mamadou Traoré, founded a club in Abidjan, hometown of the now United player. In the investigation it is detailed that several of the footballers who were taken to Italy, previously served in the club formed by Traoré.

According to sources cited by The Times, Amad Diallo would have obtained Italian nationality and would have no legal problem and also has renounced the surname 'Traoré', remaining only as Amad Diallo. The case remains under investigation.