He Pope Francisco renamed the mayor of Madrid this Saturday as “heir to the great carmena“, which can do you a favor because such a new nickname should make you forget another one with which the maledicents refer to Jose Luis Martinez Almeida (Madrid, April 17, 1975).

The mayor is in the pre-campaign and opens on the channel in an interview with The Spanish in which he is silent little or nothing, even about his personal life. He says that he has fooled around with some drugs and confirms that he is not a virgin, although he is still without a girlfriend: “I have tried the joints and I have had sporadic sex, I am not such a weirdo,” says one of the headlines that the mayor gives away, a fortysomething that counts that it wets, even if it is batons and churros in Cola Cao. She admits that her heart has been broken several times and that she is afraid that they will do it again. “Several girls I have been very fond of have broken it and in the end nothing”, he recounts. “The woman of my dreams is more dark than blonde, with a sense of humor, she doesn’t have to be religious, but I wouldn’t want her to already have children,” she says. “Podemita I see it more complicated, because in a relationship you have to have points of view in common. Values ​​in common. We can even get socialist,” he qualifies. From his experience with joints He does not remember great moments: “They did not leave me with the feeling of ‘uf, what a barbarity’. I did not freak out too much.”

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love with red

“I could fall in love with a left-wing woman: but red, red, no, let’s leave her pink,” he confesses. She also tells us that she drinks White Label but that his hangovers “are horrible”. She has had some recently: “It got out of hand, now there are three drinks. A few years ago, you didn’t even notice three drinks,” she reflects.

He remembers romantic moments like his love affairs: “My first kiss was in the moonlight, after a barbecue: she repeated it, so I suspect it went well”. Regarding the Tito Berni scandal, he does not make too much firewood and relativizes: “Everywhere there are people who go to whores”, he comments.

He tells secrets such as that one of his six brothers has voted for the left. “A family in which one leaves Vox and another to the left is a family in which they have given us freedom to think,” she clarifies.

From queen letizia he says he’s been impressed with the level of detail it goes to. “Iron hand? The husband will have to say that. I can say little about it there.”

As atlético He admits that he suffers but says that he cries very little. “The last time I cried was when my mother died, four years ago. I haven’t cried for four years,” she opens up. “It was through my mother who instilled in us the Atlético feeling.”