The good reasons why Teresa Campos’s daughters keep her almost isolated: “She forgets to drink”

Maria Teresa Campos He has suffered a major downturn after the fall he suffered at Christmas, as his daughters have recounted. Since then have him y carmen borrego They try not to see it publicly and have even contacted some journalists to ask that it not be removed.

from the set of Save me, The eldest daughter of the veteran presenter criticized the media for removing her mother and asked the authorities to protect the elderly. Criticism rained down on her, not because she claimed what she claimed, but because she did it from the set of a program that has entered the lives of young, old and even deceased people.

Not exposing María Teresa in public and isolating her for her sake from the current vertigo is the new slogan that the journalist’s daughters are trying to follow, who decided not to tell their mother that Laura Valenzuela dead. For this reason, the journalist did not attend the last goodbye of her great friend. Her friendship goes back years and has been continued by her daughters. In fact, Teresa was the one who gave him the opportunity to work Lara Dibildos.

Terelu has always said that Lara is like a sister. Even so, Maria Teresa Campos she won’t fire her good friend. Under normal conditions she would not have missed. But the problem is that Teresa’s are no longer normal conditions. That is why she is not among those attending the funeral of the pioneer of television, not because she does not want to, but because her daughters have decided so.

have him y carmen borrego they have kept this sad news from their mother. They do not see it prepared to assume it. They don’t want to cause him an upset that they think would take weeks to come out: “My mother is not in a position to come to the funeral home. We have not told her because at this time it is not convenient. She cannot do anything, the first thing she would say is take me and I don’t think I’m fit to be here. She’d like to give Lara a big kiss”, she said carmen borrego at the door of the San Isidro funeral home, where the presenter was veiled. Terelu also commented on it and it is that Teresa’s health is worrying. And a lot.

According to what they tell Informalia, daughters keep their mother isolated, in the sense of preserving her from the dangers that knowing about certain things may have for her. Except for them (and her families) and Gustavo, they don’t allow anyone else to see her. We know of several of Teresa’s friends and classmates who have contacted the daughters to see the journalist and they give up and stop picking up the phone or responding to her messages. They have decided to isolate her from her friends.

For many months Teresa has not been what she was. “She lost the illusion of going back to work and that was the worst for her. He wanted to say goodbye to his public as she believed she deserved it after so many years being one of the most important faces in this country and that sank her a lot,” a person close to the journalist tells us. And then she began to eat less and less. “He forgets to drink”, They tell us, as their daughters have confirmed. His only illusion is the car rides through Madrid with his faithful Gustavo de él, who despite the crush they subjected him from Save me, accusing him of being a traitor, he still does not move from his side. “But of course, Teresa barely talks to anyone other than her family, her daughters and her grandchildren. Carmen controls everything and it’s normal. They don’t want anything to upset her and get worse. They want to protect her, but it’s not logical that they don’t let her not even talk to her friends”, they tell us.