It’s been more than two months Jorge Perez does not appear on television. His (more than) flirting with Alba Carrillo On the night of Unicorn’s Christmas party, Ana Rosa’s producer ended up taking him away from the sets to remove himself from the media spotlight, explain the truth of his alleged sexual moment with Alba and fix the marital situation after the scandal. But Jorge is getting closer every day to his return to the small screen. As indicated to Informalia sources of all solvency, the former civil guard is in very advanced talks with the producer of survivors to be in the debates of the new edition. The most controversial point of the contract and that Jorge demands that it be included is that under no circumstances should he be asked about his history with Feliciano López’s ex, because he is not willing to enter the rag. In fact, Jorge has lost very attractive contracts with magazines and collaborations in different Telecinco programs for refusing to do so.

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He and his wife, Alicia, are clear that the less the subject is discussed, the sooner they will settle the crisis they experienced and they will once again be a ‘perfect’ family. But neither are they willing to risk losing the legal battle they have started with Alba Carrillo and martha lopez for, according to them, recounting more than lurid details (and supposedly invented) of their hypothetical meeting at the house of the gathering of it’s already noon.

And this is the reason why he sets the condition not to talk about that affair. He has started a legal battle and his lawyers have recommended that he not make statements about what happened that night because he could harm him. And Jorge is strictly complying with those instructions. As far as he knows this medium, he has rejected numerous proposals to sit down and talk about all that and how his situation is with his wife. Both from various magazines and from Telecinco programs. But so far he has remained ironclad and has rejected significant amounts of money, in addition to the money he has stopped billing when he retired from television.

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It all started at the Christmas party offered by Ana Rosa’s producer, where Jorge and Alba collaborated. There, the until then co-workers began to get closer and flirt to the point of kissing or at least brushing lips. Everything was recorded by many of his friends and program partners and only one day later the images were broadcast on the program. Fiesta, of said production company, where both collaborated in a timely manner. Jorge appeared there and told a version of the events that was supposedly agreed upon by Alba, Jorge and Marta. But as expected, everything was blown up when Alba and Marta began to walk around the different sets to give all the details and deny the version of the former civil guard.

Jorge, then, decided to lock himself in his house with his wife and their four children to try to rebuild their marriage. They even left Madrid, where they had moved a year ago due to the multiple collaborations on television with the former civil guard. According to the people closest to him, in these months he has had a terrible time, he has lost a lot of weight and has focused on convincing Alicia that she is the love of his life. However, contrary to what he has said, as soon as he was more stable, he wanted to return to television. But, as is logical, the programs asked him to talk about the star theme. He did not want. Now it seems that he has found the place where he will not have to talk about how he ended up flirting with Alba Carrillo: the debates of survivors. Or so they have told you. Because as soon as he gets in front of javier javier This one will take care of asking him and pulling his tongue. Everything is that he does not want to coincide with the Catalan presenter.