The Spanish athlete Oihana Kortazar is the holder of the new record for ascent and descent of Teido (Tenerife) with a time of 6 hours, 41 minutes and 18 seconds, about twenty minutes faster than the previous record held by Ragna Debats.

“I have given everything and I have tried until the end because this challenge was not only mine, behind there was a team and I had to squeeze myself”, Kortazar valued after achieving the feat, in the 0-4-0 route of the Tenerife volcano.

A new record time to crown and descend the highest mountain in the country, 3,718 meters and a total distance of 54 kilometers, from El Socorro Beach.

In 4:17:13 hours she reached the top of Teide and, after a brief recovery, the Salomon athlete began the descent that would take her back to El Socorro beach (Los Realejos) in 2:24:05 hours ” very suffered”.

“It has been a challenge in which there has been everything in the 54 kilometers because I have started strong, with good feelings, but there have been moments in the final stretch that due to the height I did not go very smoothly and then a slightly bumpy descent where I have sprained my ankle. It was a disappointment because I thought that I couldn’t finish but in the end it was possible and I did it”, he explained.

Oihana Kortazar had to face a total of 3,928 meters of positive elevation gain and several sprained ankles. “I thought I couldn’t finish because the sprain was strong, but normally when I do these sprains I continue for a few metres, it warms up and I’m able to finish. The truth is that I have seen the challenge endangered”, she valued.

Kortazar signed the record after surpassing the records set by Ragna Debats in 2021 (7h01’49”), Emelie Forsberg in 2017 (7h06’06”) and Teresa Nimes in 2014 (8h25’38”) .