Nothing and nobody dies completely as long as they are remembered where they lived, and Michael robinson continues to be very present in the memory of “planet football.” This Wednesday marks a year since the death of the charismatic ex-footballer and communicator, who left at the age of 61 after fighting cancer since October 2018. It is a year since the accent of football was turned off, but the same perennial resonates in the memory of all those who one day were lucky enough to enjoy it.

Born in Leicester on July 12, 1958, Robinson He was a professional footballer, wearing the shirts of the Liverpool Y Osasuna, among others, but a knee injury precipitated his retirement at the age of 30. It was then when he knew how to reinvent himself to become a benchmark in Spanish communication.

From his first steps commenting on English league matches on TVE to his unforgettable duo with Carlos Martinez in the broadcasts of Canal Plus. Also passing for being the visible face of 'The day after', a program that has marked an entire generation as much or more than the video game ‘PC Soccer’, of which he was also the image and voice.

With a charisma of those that more than work it you have or you do not have, Robinson he won over the public as only geniuses can. Probably without even thinking about it, but naturally and inevitably. “I'm just another from Cádiz,” he sometimes said with an ear-to-ear smile of those that spread in reference to Cadiz, a city with which he fell as much or more in love than with the ball of football, the oval of rugby and the golf ball, his other great passions.

After his illness was made public, Robinson gave a lesson in courage and fortitude impossible to forget. “I am playing a game and I am losing 2-0. But beware, there is half an hour left and I have to Messi taking off his tracksuit pants to come in to play for me. I am going to win this ”, he asserted then.

Optimistic until the end, fate unfortunately deprived him of hitting his prognosis and he left this world. But he left for those of us who remain an eternal and indelible legacy as a human being. You left, Michael, but ‘You’ll never walk, alone’, genius.

One year has passed since Robinson's death