Wednesday of love and of brothers Casas in the magazines of the Heart. While Mario Is living the second part of his story with the Belgian actress Deborah Francois, oscar he is enjoying the first phase of falling in love with a young rapper.

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According to collect Holathe lucky one is candela gonzalezhis co-star in the film that marked his older brother’s directorial debut, My loneliness has wings and the young woman’s first steps in acting.

Candela was born in Malaga and is 25 years old, one more than her boy. On Instagram, where he has more than 9,000 followers, he goes by the name Candelacuore. Her professional life has taken a turn after being one of the singers of the music group Free Sis Mafia.

The lovebirds have been seen sharing passionate kisses and a complicit attitude during the Malaga Film Festival, as the magazine shows in the photographs inside. Óscar put an end to his relationship with the also actress begona vargas in 2021 after two years together.

“Candela, if she wants to and enjoys it, she will work more. I don’t know what will happen in her life in five years, but I think she is someone with talent, purity, charisma, race and, Above all, she is a woman of today,” Mario told La Ser about the young woman who worked on his film and is now his sister-in-law.