Georgina says that in Saudi Arabia “they treat women very well” and the networks do not give credit: “Sorry”

The girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo He sat down for the first time on a television set this Wednesday to promote the second season of his reality show on Netflix. However, it has not been her best night. Georgina has been tense and nervous the anthill, trying to joke with issues that more than pleasing the public has put him on edge. The networks have been relentless: “Troublesome”.

Dozens of tweeters have crossed out Jaca’s “boring”, “absurd”, “superficial”… And it’s no wonder hearing some of the phrases that Gio has given us: “Having a private plane doesn’t have so many advantages” or “Our dressing room is so gigantic that we can’t even fill it.” That of “Cristiano and I are not materialistic” but “I have given Cris three cars” or “I have 150 bags” has also been a pupae.

One of the most shocking claims has been about the education of their children. Georgina assures that they don’t always want to eat what they should: “Food is not thrown away at home, if they don’t want to, they stay for a snack. Sometimes I show them videos of poor children who have nothing to eat so they can see what can happen to them” .

Other, about Christian. She assures Gio that hers was a crush, that she was “ashamed” to look at him because of how handsome he was and that even today, after six years together, she looks at him and feels lucky “for having been the chosen one.”

Although the most controversial comment in the interview was, without a doubt, about Saudi Arabia, country in which he settled last summer. Georgina has said that she had certain prejudices “because of everything that is said” when she arrived but now she is delighted: “They treat women and their children very well. They are very generous and thoughtful people.”