Antonio Ruediger, center that could strengthen the Real Madrid next summer, has turned to Sierra Leone, the country of origin of his mother, during the africa cup. The defender of Chelsea, of German nationality, has assured in statements to Goal that he is supporting Sierra Leone during the dispute of the African tournament due to the relationship that unites him with that country, since his mother, Lily, had to leave there after the civil war 1991 and moved to Germany, where he had Rüdiger, who grew up in a neighborhood in Berlin.

The center-back, international for the German national team, has maintained his roots with the African country not only through football, but also thanks to charitable actions such as the one he has carried out with the association Bigshoe.

Rudiger has financed the operations of eleven children with clubfoot in Sierra Leone, in addition to giving them Chelsea shirts with their name on the back. “All children have dreams, but not all of them have the opportunity to pursue them. I would like to change that. Thanks to football I have the opportunity to help others and to make the lives of these children and their families much better. See children smile in the photos they send me, it always makes me very happy,” Rüdiger told Goal.

“I am very connected to my second home and we have many more projects planned. When I made my first visit to Sierra Leone five years ago I learned that many things here in Europe called problems, they are not at all,” added the German.

Rudiger He is currently one of the most coveted defenders in Europe because as of January 1 he is free to negotiate with teams outside the British Isles. The German terminates his contract with him Chelsea on June 30 and the English club does not seem to be willing to meet the footballer’s financial claims, claimed by greats such as Real Madrid Y Bayern Munich.

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