La Real rules in La Liga. Is the leader. Look at the horizon from the throne after beating Betis in a new exercise of solidity. A serious, intelligent and forceful match, with a big team, that invites you to dream in the week in which the Imanol
Sheriff they return to Europe. They couldn't do it with better feelings.

With Willian
José Y Guevara as novelties in the first 'eleven' of the journey of seven games in 22 days, the Real once again showed their traces of a solid team, which they do not concede. During the first bars, that spark was lacking that would make the football sprout that the txuri urdin team keeps in the boots of its players, but in the absence of brilliance in attack, those of Imanol They showed again the consistency enough to bide their time without suffering.

The offensive idea was clear. With Willian
José generating spaces and going to disputes, the Real looked for deep balls to For your Y Oyarzabal. Especially the Eibar, who had in front of a winger converted to lateral due to losses such as Aitor
Ruibal. If Betis only generated with some punctual error of the txuri urdin in the exit of the ball, such as the one that led to a distant shot by Tello cleared for a corner by Remiro at 9 minutes, Real, within a context of a game without bragging , attacked with more fang.

The great play of the first half came at 39 minutes. Merino launched a counter that led Oyarzabal. The leather came right so Gorosabel center satin. Silva stopped time in the area, yielded to Willian, which he cut and shot flat. The shot licked the post in the first action in which the Donostiarras combined rhythm and precision.

Four minutes later, the plan paid off. Monreal connected with Oyarzabal long and on the back of Ruibal. The '10' put a candy in the heart of the area and For your He anticipated his mark to beat Bravo. 0-1. A treasure.

La Real finished the first half comfortable, but the game threatened to go wrong. It was then that the VAR winked at the txuri urdin. The first, as soon as the second part begins. Sanabria headed to the network a center of Tello, but the play was later annulled by a millimeter offside. Almost twenty minutes later, the VAR notified Estrada
Fernandez so that he would see a struggle between You
Normand Y Sanabria in which the French central tore the shirt to the forward. The referee went to the screen and, when the tragedy was chewed, ordered to continue.

Betis tried to stretch and Real awaited their opportunity. This was born from the top hat of Silva. It was minute 73, already with Isak in the field, when the magician connected with the Swede's stride. A measured, precise and precious pass for the forward to leave behind Bartra. The center-back could only grab him to avoid the hand-to-hand. Penalty. And that, with Oyarzabal, is synonymous with goal. 0-2.

The icing on the cake was missing Januzaj. With Betis knocked out, the Belgian signed a counterattack with a missile against which he could do nothing Bravo. A new clean sheet, a new incontestable victory for a team that has activated cruising speed. Next stop: Rijeka.

Betis: Bravo; Ruibal, Bartra, Sidnei, Moreno (Miranda, M.75); Guido, Canales (Carvalho, M.58), Joaquín (Loren, M.58), Fekir, Tello (Lainez, M.75); Iglesias (Sanabria, M.46).

Royal Society: Remiro; Gorosabel, Aritz, Le Normand, Monreal; Guevara (Zubimendi, M.65), Merino, Silva (Roberto López, M.84); Portu, Willian José (Isak, M.69), Oyarzabal (Januzaj, M.84).

Goal: 0-1: Portu (M.43). 0-2: Oyarzabal, from a penalty (M.74). 0-3: Januzaj (M. 88).

Referee: Estrada Fernández. Yellow to Sindei (M.53) and Bartra (M.72), from Betis, and to Isak (M.87), from Real.