Federer: “I don't fully confirm being at the Australian Open”

Roger Federer was optimistic last week regarding his return to the slopes, assuming that this would take place in the next edition of the Australian Open in january. However, now it seems that things are not so clear. In his last interview for the Swiss media Schweizer Illustrierte, the one from Basel clarified that his presence is not 100% confirmed in the first Grand Slam it's from the season.

“I am going on the right track. I am coming back gradually, without pressure and taking my time. I will only decide to return to tournaments when I am 100% physically. It seems like could return for the Australian Open 2021, although it is not yet fully confirmed. I'll have to see how the recovery goes in the coming weeks, “explained the Basel genius.

However, despite the two knee surgeries this course has undergone and that they left him out of the season, Roger considers that these problems are overcome and that he will not go under the knife again: “Still I can't train on the court for more than two hours. I am currently working on my stamina and strength and the truth is that I am doing it without any pain. Initially there will be no more operations. “

Great news, especially in the face of the struggle for the historic hegemony of tennis, which will experience a new chapter in Australia if Federer finally competes in Melbourne, since it will be the first time that both he and Rafa Nadal arrive even in terms of Grand Slam titles refers to (20). “I have been thinking of many ideas, but as long as I have fun and feel competitive on the circuit, I will continue to play tennis. After that, I will focus on my family, my foundation and my sponsors. I am very interested in business issues. , but I have nothing definitive. I don't want to plan anything yet “, the Swiss concluded on his future withdrawal. It seems that there is still Federer for a while …