The president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, received in audience the president of Valencia CF, Anil Murthy, the councilor and executive director of the entity, Joey Lim, as well as the chief of staff, Teo Sweei Wei. The face-to-face in which it was expected, as it has happened, that the club would request an extension of the ATE that on May 15 will be unfulfilled as the New Stadium has not been built after 12 years has barely arrived even half an hour stopped. At the end of the meeting, Ximo Puig stated that “we are as we were in September, therefore the credibility and credit of Meriton is at a minimum in Valencian society and there is no alternative to complying with the Law. What we do is manage the legality”.

Puig reiterated that “Valencian society is interested in Valencia, a great club, having a future, but Meriton's managers no longer have credibility in society, adding that“ at this time the only alternative is compliance with the law. If it is not fulfilled, what has to be produced will be produced “

Ximo Puig denied Anil Murthy. “They have not requested anything, they have simply told me the possibility of it being extended in the future. In these cases, documentation must be submitted based on the legal system and decision-making based on this, there is nothing else. There is no progress and the only thing I can say is that the situation has worsened ”.

Finally, regarding the appearance on the scene of the prince of Johor, Ximo Puig indicated: “That is something that the managers of Valencia will have to decide but there are times when fiction exceeds reality”

Murthy, with little desire to speak

Anil Murthy was much more laconic when leaving the date. “We have asked for the extension of the ATE. It was a work meeting to organize the situation. We keep working. We have a common goal, ”he said.

And asked again if the prince of the Sultanate of Johor, Tunku Ismail, will manage Valencia, he settled: “You have to ask him.”