Córdoba sleeps happily waiting for the Kings. Your team keeps going after giving one of the typical surprises of this Cup format in which categories are less noticeable. There is two difference between the green and white Getafe, what he got off the competition without having learned anything from what happened last year when he fell in Badalona.

Cordoba Shield / Flag

The locals came out with more vigor and the result of this came the goal of Willy Ledesma. A great center from Moutinho and a good header without any opposition between the centrals. Cordobesista euphoria, with its fortunate followers included, was giving way to a Bronco game with a lot of interruption and little football. The visiting tests had gone wrong. In the entire first half, Getafe was not able to shoot at goal

Getafe Shield / Flag

The solution had to come from the bench and Bordalás fio it to the entrances of Portillo, Cucurella and Arambarri. A triple change that gave Getafe a more natural appearance. Shortly after, it was Mata and Djené's turn. The people of Madrid were pushing back Córdoba, which Pablo Alfaro was refreshing upstairs so as not to lose the feeling of danger in a counterattack.

In the final section there were also cons, but above all resistance. Blocking legs multiplied, a good Isaac Becerra and even the crossbar took his side in a header from Arambarri. There was no comeback. Geta reacted late and increases their doubts dragged from LaLiga. Córdoba exploited their initial ambition and extended their promotion dream with another in the form of the Copa del Rey. Since the arrival of Pablo Alfaro, everything seems possible.


Portillo (45 ', John Patrick), Mauro Arambarri (45 ', Ante Palaversa), Bush (54 ', Mamor Niang), Valverde (57 ', Thierry Moutinho), Djene (65 ', Timor), Piovaccari (67 ', Willy), Oyarzun (71 ', Samu)


Mario Ortiz (10 ', Yellow) Diaby (10 ', Yellow) Timor (12 ', Yellow) Manuel Farrando (15 ', Yellow) Willy (33 ', Yellow) Alberto del Moral (67 ', Yellow) Marc Cucurella (76 ', Yellow


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